Our services

We’re delighted to assist both the public and private sector on interesting strategic projects, large and small. Here are the services we can offer you:

Rail strategy

  • Identifying opportunities for new and improved rail services.
  • Developing train service specifications to meet customer and market requirements.
  • Specifying infrastructure changes necessary to support train services.
  • Appraisal of options.
  • Evaluating proposals for railway operations.
  • Leading and participating in meetings at all appropriate levels with rail industry parties, including DfT, ORR, local authorities, passenger and freight operating companies and Network Rail.
  • Producing reports and communications, making presentations to stakeholders.

Rolling stock

  • Investigating fleet efficiency and performance, and identifying improvements.
  • Fleet planning, including deployment of appropriate stock to services, maintenance arrangements.
  • Improving the effectiveness of the interfaces between fleet and depot working and line of route operations.
  • Evaluating existing rolling stock and proposals for refurbishment and new stock, consideration of options.
  • Specifiying refurbishment and new build rolling stock.
  • Assisting in the procurement of new rolling stock.


  • Creating train plans, comprising timetables and resource plans, to meet the service specification.
  • Investigating operational issues and problems, spanning passenger and freight activities, including the reasons and remedies for poor train running performance.
  • Making recommendations for improvements in operations activities, including passenger demand and revenues, passenger and freight capacity, services planning, working methods, staffing, operational performance, organisation and costs.
  • Providing short term interim management in train operations at middle and senior level, implementation of change.
  • Reviewing proposals for new train services and their evaluation.
  • Representing rail industry parties with other players in the industry (DfT, local authorities, passenger and freight operating companies and Network Rail) and with ORR.
  • Evaluating passenger or freight terminal productivity and effectiveness.


  • Acting as client’s agent in the management of complex studies and exercises carried out for them by other organisations.
  • Preparing business cases, appraisals and submissions for train service changes and investments.
  • Collecting data, carrying out surveys, specifying research by specialist consultancies.
  • Preparing (for bidders) tenders for passenger rail franchises.
  • Evaluating (for public sector bodies) tenders from potential franchisees/ operators.
  • Evaluating tenders for the provision of new rolling stock.
  • Supporting clients in the legal drafting of contracts and their scrutiny.
  • Establishing negotiation and contract strategies and then direct negotiations between rail industry parties (DfT, Transport Scotland, local authorities, passenger and freight operating companies and Network Rail) and with ORR.
  • Market research for freight projects.
  • Development of potential intermodal or conventional rail freight terminals.

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