John Holwell

Rail freight logistics specialist

John has extensive experience in freight operations and commercial matters; relationships with road and rail freight operators; and expertise in meeting the needs of customers to facilitate the switch of traffic from road to rail.

John Holwell

John’s experience:

As Rail Development Manager for a very large UK logistics company, John oversaw the introduction of new intermodal freight trains serving the retail sector. He has also worked within railway operations, terminals and business management.

How John has helped clients:

Reintroducing passenger train services to freight-only routes

John identified and assessed the opportunities to re-introduce passenger train services to otherwise ‘freight only’ routes in England.

Transferring freight from road to rail

John has advised on many projects involving the transfer of freight from road to rail in highly competitive markets where quality, reliability and cost are key requirements if rail is to be successful.  These projects have involved tackling issues of incompatibility of gauge with traffic requirements and working with freight forwarders and wagon providers to identify solutions.

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