David Archer

Rail operations planner

David is a highly experienced rail operations planner, able to understand clients’ goals and parameters for train services and to recommend options and solutions for them.

David’s experience:

After managing UK and international rail logistics, David held management roles in the Operational Planning organisation of Network Rail, covering strategic timetabling, engineering access planning, short term and long term timetabling, as well as specialist disciplines such as planning services and managing client expectations for freight and special passenger services.

How David has helped clients

New ‘Park and Ride’ station

David advised a Scottish local authority on a suitable location and rail timetable for a proposed new ‘Park and Ride’ station. The resulting report enabled the local authority to seek funding for a civil engineering report on the new station, and the new station was subsequently included in the strategic planning framework of the local council.

Strategic expansion of ports

David advised a major UK port company on rail freight options to lead their decision on making a strategic expansion of their ports.

Proposal to reopen a rail line

David is the Director of a company which is seeking to re-open a rail line for passenger use to regenerate the local area. For the proposal, he has specified and planned a range of options for new local trains services, defined the infrastructure necessary to support the services and identified new stations.

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