Freight operations

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Companies with freight to move and public sector bodies

Our experts can help you to:

  • Increase your use of freight by rail; from an outline ‘is it feasible and practical’ to a fully prepared plan to transfer product (existing or proposed) to rail.

  • Identify suitable rolling stock / intermodal equipment and terminals and, after defining a rail freight specification to suit the traffic, develop a business plan with Freight Operating Companies.

  • Improve the efficiency of your existing freight operations.

Our experience includes:

Feasibility study: reintroducing a freight train to the South West

  • Carrying out a major study for Cornwall County Council and Plymouth City Council on the potential for reintroducing an intermodal freight train to the South West. The study revealed that a market for rail freight exists and we identified a number of potential rail terminal sites. The project was supported by Network Rail, most of the major retailers and a number of 3PLs (third party logistic providers for major retailers). Our study showed that if costs can be reduced, a door to door rail freight operation would be competitive with road operation.

Feasibility study: operating intermodal and biomass trains from a port terminal

  • Conducting feasibility studies for a major port including operating intermodal trains into their terminal, pathing and operating intermodal trains , and biomass trains to the major English power stations.

Feasibility study: linking a new energy park to national rail network

  • Investigating the feasibility of linking the proposed Huntspill Energy Park in Somerset to the national rail network, and producing an outline terminal design with indicative costs.

Economic viability of transferring product transportation from road to rail

  • Evaluating the economic viability of moving significant quantities of one of Nestle’s products by rail. We produced a full economic evaluation with costs obtained from Freight Operating Companies (FOCs), rolling stock provision and outline train pathing for the service we have designed.

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