How we can help you

Whether you are a rail operator, airport operator, company with freight to move or a property developer, our years of experience will ensure that you will get expert assistance with your transport project. Click on the links below to see how we can help you, and read examples of how we have helped other clients.

Passenger operations


If you are a light rail operator or heavy rail operator, we can help you to make better use of rail infrastructure capacity, improve rail performance, operating plans and efficiency, train operational staff, and develop commercial and operational aspects of new rail schemes. We can also help public sector bodies to evaluate rail passenger operations proposals. Read more >

Freight operations

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If you are company with freight to move, we can help you to increase your use of freight by rail and improve the efficiency of your freight operations. We can also help public sector bodies in rail freight projects for example reintroducing rail freight to your area. Read more>

Land and property

If you are a public sector body or property development company, we can help you to analyse whether a specific location would be suitable for a new station and identify what changes to train services would be required to serve a new station. Read more >


If you are an airport operator, we can help you to improve rail, coach and bus services to airports. Read more >


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